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 The Wheelchair Summit

“Go! Fly! Wheelchairs” invited 7 NGOs/NPOs, which mainly send wheelchairs to overseas, and held the summit in Niseko from Sep. 3 to Sep. 5.

This summit consisted of 4 parts. First part was about the maintenance of the wheelchairs. Surrouding the wheelchair, we were able to discuss how we could maintain wheelchairs efficiently within the limited cost.

The theme of the second part was “The suitble wheelchairs”. We invited an orthopedic specialist and a physical therapist and learned what is the suitable wheelchairs and how we can select the most suitable wheelchairs with the limited information.

The third part was about the aftercare of wheelchairs. It is important not only to send but also to treat the wheelchairs after we send them. This part was the most exciting part and we discussed a lot how well we can maintain the wheelchairs even after sending them abroad.

In the final part, we discussed how NGOs which send wheelchairs abroad can cooperate each other in the future.

In this summit, we were able to build the strong network among these NGOs/NPOs. We decided to make ML to keep in contact and set up the homepage where we exchange useful information each other. The next summit will be held in Tokyo in 2012.

by Ryosuke Muramatsu


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