“SAKAI Peace Contribution Award”

Go! Fly! Wheelchairs was selected as the recipient of the 7th award of the “SAKAI Peace Contribution Award” by Sakai City, followed by a ceremony which was held at Sakai City Hall, Osaka, on September 3. Director Michiyo Yoshida and board member Rena Terui attended the ceremony and received a plaque and prize money of 500,000 yen from Mayor Hideki Nagato.
This award was established in 2008 to emphasize the importance of international peace and respect for human rights both at home and abroad and to deepen citizens’ awareness and understanding of international cooperation and contributions. The award is given to an organization once every two years. This year, our organization and The Support of Vietnam Children Association (Kyoto, Japan) were selected from among 25 organizations recommended by Japanese intellectuals and academic institutions.

When handing over the award, they mentioned many awards our organization has previously received since its establishment in 1998. Additionally, they commended highly our “steadfast efforts for more than 20 years to support the independence of people with disabilities and its distinctive activities that have deepened the interest of the citizens of Sakai in international cooperation”.

Message from Director Michiyo Yoshida: “I lived in Osaka until the third grade of elementary school. I was very happy to receive the award in my hometown that is noted for having the Mausoleum of Emperor Nintoku, a World Heritage, and, in the Middle Ages, for being a hub for overseas trade and making guns. However, on this occasion, what struck me most was the local dialect. I was so moved at the award ceremony that I couldn’t stop speaking in the Kansai dialect !”

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