New Vitality Independent Living Center – Taiwan

“Making Close Relationships in Taiwan” – a thank you letter and a volunteer’s story                                                                                    

The New Vitality Independent Living Center and the group Mainstream Association is managed by physically challenged people. Together, we create a system in which any physically challenged person is able to live happily within the community. That is to say, we are a social movement group. Wheelchairs are a necessity for physically challenged people to move around. This time, the NPO, Go Fly Wheelchairs donated six wheelchairs. We greatly appreciate this act of kindness to us.
Go Fly Wheelchair staff fit the wheelchairs to users’ heights and weights. They selected suitable wheelchairs for each person, similar to custom made ones. It was a great experience of kindness for Taiwan. We truly appreciate the Japanese staff and volunteer members. Physically challenged people who received the wheelchairs can make a new start in life with them. These activities are very meaningful, and they will make big changes to people’s lives.

Thank you very much to everyone who cooperated with this project.

Cindy’s presentation to the Hokkaido MSC volunteering group, September 2017

Six days after our originally planned hand over date, Ms. Lin’s smiling face greeted us as we finally delivered three wheelchairs to the New Vitality Independent Living Association in Taipei.  It was the first time for my husband and son to visit Taiwan and we were all excited to spend Christmas with my daughter who is studying there.

However on December 22, a blizzard delayed our departure from Chitose.  It was fifty hours later that we finally set off for our family trip to Taipei.

At the airport we attracted the attention of the staff and other travelers as we checked the wheelchairs in three times and received them two times at baggage claim.  I explained that we were delivering them to people who were waiting for them in Taipei, in cooperation with Go! Fly! Wheelchairs, an NGO in Sapporo.

Though we had to spend the night with 3000 others at the airport and my traveling partners wanted to give up, we overcame many difficulties, achieved our goal, and made many memories.

Never give up!