Amrita’s story – kanthari “Dream Speech” by a model in a wheelchair

One of our wheelchair recipients, Amrita Gyawalli from Nepal, gave the following “Dream Speech” at kanthari, an international institute for social leadership in India.

She also wrote a letter to us, which is included below the video of the Dream Speech.

Amrita wrote:

It’s very difficult to find a suitable wheelchair for us in Nepal. Most of the time, we have to depend on international donors or organizations to receive a wheelchair which are often not comfortable for our body but we don’t have any other options other than using it.

I always wanted to use a wheelchair that would make me fashionable and build up my confidence. I still remember how I was struggling to go to the office with my damaged wheelchair on a daily basis which made me so tired and depressed. I wasn’t even able to go out many times.

In June 2015, I decided to go to Pokhara for my vacation. I stayed with Sita KC and his husband Nozo Nishi who are like my close sister and brother in law. I shared my challenges how I was struggling to go out because of my wheelchair and how it had affected my daily livings. I shared that I wished to use a wheelchair that looked fashionable and suitable for my body.  My brother in law Nozo said he would try to help me. After a few months, I got a message with different wheelchair pictures on Facebook from him and told me to choose the right size wheelchair for me.  I was like “WOW! Really?.  He mentioned that the wheelchairs are from Go!Fly Wheelchair NGO from Japan and wanted to help me. I still didn’t believe I would get such an amazing wheelchair.

Finally, I got news that my wheelchair is arriving on 11th October (2015) with the help of Ms.Takahashi san.  I was very excited and nervous at the same time because I was still skeptical if the wheelchair would fit for me.  My all doubts went away once I started using my new wheelchair. My wish came true. It was fashionable and comfortable at the time. It actually changed my life. I was very confidant to go out and meet with my friends. I could easily go to the office.  Everyone started complimenting about my wheelchair and me which built up my confidence.

I went to India and Denmark with my Go!Fly! Wheelchair. I would like to express my gratitude to Go!Fly Wheelchair for providing such a comfortable wheelchair for me. I know I am not the first person Go!Fly! Wheelchair has helped. Thank you very much for helping thousands of people like me around the world.

My first day using Go!Fly wheelchair

Enjoying with my sister in Pokhara