A Letter from the Philippines

Dear Ohta-san and Michiyo-san,

Warm greetings!

I am Therese Margareth M. Saranza, 29 years old from the Philippines. I am blessed to be one of the chosen recipients of the AVILA Foundation. A few weeks ago, I received the customized wheelchair which you sent through Yokoyama-san.

I am quadriplegic, caused by an injury to my spinal cord C1 level. The injury was initially caused by a congenital absence of my first vertebra. I slowly became weaker as I grew up, which eventually led to being quadriplegic and ventilator dependent
from 2011. Being in this condition, I often thought about giving up as a way to escape my reality.

Truly, God has His perfect ways and timing to send angels to help me realize that there is still life after my disability. I came to know Ma’am Tess Chua sometime in 2006, who introduced me to the AVILA Foundation and through Ma’am Adela and Miss Anavyl, I was blessed to be connected to the very kind-hearted sponsors who willingly support and send blessings to those in need, by means of wheelchair donation. The wheelchair which you sent me perfectly fits my size, making it extremely comfortable for me to sit down.

Ohta-san and Michiyo-san, thank you so very much for your generosity. Rest assured I will treasure and use this gift of love to glorify and honor God. Attached are some of pictures of me using the wheelchair. Someday, if God permits that I will be able to breathe again on my own, or otherwise provides me the gift of a portable ventilator, I will send you pictures of my adventures in the outside world.

Once again thank you from the bottom of my heart for your gift. In my own little way, I always include you and the people in AVILA Foundation in my daily prayers.

May God continue to bless you abundantly.

With love and prayers,