How to Support Us

How can you support us?
Become a member! Make a financial contribution!

We at 「Go! Fly! Wheelchair」 carry out our activities through the generous support and continuous cooperation from people all over the world. We welcome your membership and contributions.

Full membership

Full members have the right to participate and vote in general meetings.
(Individual) 5000 yen per year
(Student) 1000 yen per year

Supporting membership

We organise some events such as a lecture, meetings to introduce other countries, and workshops. Members can participate in them for free.
(Individual) 2000 yen per year
(Group) 5000 yen per year

Membership Benefits

  • Receive a copy of our news bulletin ‘Tobetobe’ (3 times/year)
    You can follow the experiences of people who deliver the wheelchairs and the recipients’ stories.
  • Join the members of “Mailing list” and “Email magazine”
    You can get notifications about our ongoing or upcoming events and volunteer opportunities and activities.
  • Borrow a wheelchair for free
    We temporarily lend wheelchairs in various style and size to the members in need at no cost.

For Membership Payments and Charity Donations.

To support our activities, please use Syncable for membership payments and donations.

Donation on Syncable

Membership payment on Syncable

– Any additional fee is not required for payment on Syncable.
– VISA, Master Card, JCB and American Express are acceptable.
– When you pay on Syancable, it requests you to become a member of Syncable but you can pay without being a member of Syncable.

To support our activities within Japan, please use a postal transfer or make a bank deposit for membership payments and donations.

Postal Transfer

Account number; 02780-6-2973
Account name; Tondeke! Kurumaisu(飛んでけ!車いす)
Please specify ‘membership’(入会) or ‘donation’(寄付金) in the space for correspondence.
If you need a receipt, please write ‘receipt requested’(領収書)’ in the space for correspondence.
We will send you a receipt corresponding to your payment.

Bank account details

Hokuyo Bank Sapporo Station South Entrance Branch
Account type/number: normal(普通)/ 4117153
Account name: NPO tondekekurumaisunokai(特定非営利活動法人飛んでけ車いすの会)
If you pay through the bank, please notify us of your name, membership type, details, and amount by using the following link:

Other Ways to Support Us

Give us your Yellow Receipts:

You can support Tondeke! by shopping at any AEON store in Hokkaido on the 11th of the month as part of AEON’s “Happy Yellow Receipt Campaign to support local NPOs. On this day, you can donate 1% of your purchase amount by putting your yellow receipts in the collection box of Tondeke! placed near the cash registers or entrance at AEON’s Soen store.
In 2019, we got 114,000 yen’s worth of Gift Coupons in exchange for the yellow receipts donated to us.
We sincerely appreciate AEON’s cooperation and your help!