Balikpapan, Indonesia

Mr Nori Sato and five other people delivered wheelchairs to Tunas Bangsa, a special
school in Balikpapan, the Republic of Indonesia, in 2016.

We received a thank you letter from one of the school students.
In addition, the story was featured in a local newspaper.

We are extremely grateful to an Indonesian exchange student who translated
both articles for us.

Thank you letter

Dear Go!Fly!Wheelchairs,

How have you been?
I am writing this letter to convey my gratitude to get the new
I am so happy to have the new one. I have no words to
express my feeling and just say thank you.

The new one is very comfortable and I am growing to be very fond of it!
The new one is not only cozy, but also easy to use.
Without a wheelcair, I can’t go anywhere, even to school.
The wheelchair has become “my legs”.

Thank you again.

Arief Fadillah
September 3rd, 2016

Extract from an article in the local newspaper

Tunas Bangsa special school in Balikpapan has been supported by
a Japanese NPO again. This kind of aid has been given almost
every year.
Several days ago, Mr. Sato and others handed five
wheelchairs to Susan, the vice principal of Tunas
Bangsa special school.
Their main purpose here in Indonesia was sightseeing, but they voluntarily
gave up their time to deliver the wheelchairs to the school.

This is the fifth donation from that particular NPO; we had
already received 10 wheelchairs, so now the total number of received wheelchairs becomes 15!
Our students use almost all the wheelchairs but few are used
by those in the national special school.

(vice principal, Susan)

On behalf of Tunas Bangsa special school, Susan gave a
thank you speech.

We express our utmost gratitude to the NPO in Japan who sent us
the wheelchairs. This will provide a fantastic support to the students
with disabilities.

The teachers were impressed by the volunteers who spared
their time to deliver the wheelchairs during their sightseeing trip to
Susan continued by saying that the school was extremely grateful that
Mr. Sato and others are carrying out continued maintenance as well as successive
delivery of wheelchairs through Go!Fly!Wheelchairs, the NPO.

Continued support

Every year, Mr. Sato and others also conduct mainetenance of the wheelchairs that they
delivered through Go!Fly!Wheelchairs.
Through their work, they provide both the joy of receiving wheelchairs and the sense of safety by durabililty through their maintenace work.
We also wish to stress our thanks for them.